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Birthdate:Jun 6
This is my personal journal. I had an emotionally draining few years with a lot of personal upheaval, (sold house, 5+ year breakup, dog died, car died, etc. my life was like a bad country song) and I don't want people all up in my business - nor could I fathom why anyone would want to be. It's boring.

So basically if we've never had a long conversation on the telephone, and haven't talked it over with me first, I would appreciate if you did not add me. I will say that I'm working really hard to improve my life, my attitude, my perceptions and my surroundings - including the people I surround myself with - so things are getting better. I realize that there are people out there who have it bad. Fortunately I am not and realistically never have been one of them.

If you really want to add me, let's get to know each other. I'm up for making new friends in PDX so let's hang out. I'm a geek and really socially awkward though.

My journal is used as just that - a journal. I talk about my feelings, I bitch, I moan and I rant. That's what my journal is for as I try to be a generally positve person. Unfortunately I am human and I have to bitch sometimes. My goal is to bitch, get over it (sometimes this takes a while as I tend to overthink things) then try to make things better when I can.

My goal is to eat a meal and sleep in every state in the US and as many other countries as I possibly can. I have other goals but this is a big one. I've been to Mexico twice, Korea, Taiwan, and Spain - and here are the states that I've dined/slept in so far. It doesn't look like much but the majority of these were visited in the last 5 years.

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$240 worth of pudding, any similarities to persons living or dead, anything with pam grier really, beer, beyond the valley of the dolls, black shampoo, bowery at midnight, breaker breaker, burning man, cats, cf hardcore, childfree, christopher cross, city of the walking dead, clockwork orange, coffy, commando, criminally insane, death wish, diary of a madman, dirty harry, elfquest, faster pussycat kill kill, fruit, gunfight at the ok corral, h.p. lovecraft, horror, how it all vegan, i almost forgot about basket case..., kiss meets the phantom of the park, love me deadly, lying in the grass, mackey feary, monstrous regiment, motorcycles, never too young to die, night of the bloody apes, oh yeah, preacher, quantum leap, raw vegetables, ray bradbury, repo man, running, scanners, scream blacula scream, season of the witch, secretary, sex-positive asexuality, she devils on wheels, shriek of the mutilated, skating, sleeping, social justice, star trek, sweet sweetback's badassed song, tefl certification, the apartment, the blood spattered bride, the clan of the cave bear, the dark tower series, the exorcist, the godfather, the lost boys, the portable dorothy parker, the smiths, the walking dead, to kill a mockingbird, urban cowboy, urban dead, vegetarian/vegan cooking, warts and all, witchcraft, witchcraft 70, won't get fooled again., x-men, x-men ii
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